What is Brahmi and what are top benefits of Brahmi?

Brahmi is another name for Hindu Goddess Saraswati.

Brahmi has several medicinal benefits.

Part Used: Aerial portions
Tissues: Acts upon all tissues
Systems: Nervous, circulatory, disgestive
Properties: Nervine, alterative, rejuvenative, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, anticonvulsant, diuretic

Brahmi is one of Ayurveda’s most well respected rejuvenating tonics for the mind and nervous system.

Brahmi Juice
Juice made out of Brahmi is easier to consume and very healthy.

It is pacifying to all three doshas and kindles the flame of intelligence, or sadhaka pitta, in the brain.

It might increase vata in overabundance, despite the fact that this can be effectively maintained a strategic distance from if utilized as a part of detailing with other vata pacifying herbs.

It has a marginally warming vitality, yet its prabhava is with the end goal that it has cooling impact on the whole system.

Its general use advances cell recovery, along these lines moderating the aging process, and helps sharpen the intellect, enhance concentration and memory, and uplift consciousness.

Brahmi good for stress relief.
Brahmi helps reduce stress and hence provides sound sleep.

As both a narcotic and restoring tonic for the sensory system, it cushions and ensure against adrenal burnout and general weakness caused by stress and exhaust.

At the point when joined with other medhya rasayanas, for example, calamas (vacha), it enhances speech and expels obstacle of vata in the brain and sensory system.

Alongside gotu kola, shankapushpi, ashwagandha, or avena, it calms and replenishes majja dhatu (nerve and marrow) and manovaha srotas (mind channel)

Brahmi for brain
Brahmi is like a tonic for your brain.

It is one of the most critical herbs utilized as a part of numerous neurological sicknesses and it can be powerful in the treatment and administration of Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, ADHD, a mental imbalance, dementia, and conceivable Alzheimer’s infection.

Brahmi benefits
Health benefits of Brahmi at a glance.

Brahmi is additionally helpful in cases of depression and psychosis, for which brahmi ghee nasya is normally controlled and regularly upheld with different types of the herb, such as brahmi rasayana  or brahmi vati.

Another common use of brahmi ghee for psychological and neurological diseases in general is taking it internally.

Brahmi and skin
Brahmi helps take care of many skin related diseases.

Brahmi has also shown to be beneficial in the treatment of skin diseases such as eczema, psoriasis, and even leprosy, as well as their associated emotional components.

For this, it combines well with other rakta shodhana (blood cleansing) herbs like neem,  manjista,  turmeric or burdock.

It pacifies pitta in the head and prevents early graying and hair fall when connected routinely as a medicated oil to the scalp.

For this, it can also be taken internally along with herbs like aloe vera, horsetail, nettles, bringaraj, or  amalaki, which also have an affinity to the hair.

Migraine remedy
Brahmi when mixed with other herbs is a perfect remedy for Migraine.

For headaches, especially migraines, it can be used along with herbs like shatavari , feverfew, gotu kola, ginko, peppermint, or skullcap.

Yogis consider brahmi to have sattwic qualities and to increase focus and devotion.

It is purigying to the nadis (subtle nerve pathways) and can boost spirituality when taken on a regular basis.

Brahmi’s  prabhava  refines both the lunar channel (Ida) and the solar channel (Pingala) of the inconspicuous body, bringing balance to both female and manly viewpoints.


A decent meditation tea can be made by joining it with equal parts  vacha (calamus) and a squeeze of damon, taken in dosages of 1/2 to 1 tsp in some hot water in the morning before training.

This tea encourages the development of prana into the central nadi, shushumna, and the ascending development of the Kundalini Shakti.

What according to you is the biggest benefit of Brahmi?

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